~ What's Cooking?  ~

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The summer of 2018 is in full swing and here at GCI we continue working hard to bring you excellent soups, sauces, dressings, and jams even in these hot summer months. Many exciting and positive changes are being implemented at our plant! For starters, we are now have our Organic Certification. Our Research and Development team has been working hard along with the Purchasing Department to source those sometimes difficult to find Organic Ingredients. We now have two very unique recipes that will be in the market place real soon. At Gourmet Cuisine one of our main focuses has always been to bring our customers chef inspired, premium quality products made with natural ingredients, and now we will also be able to offer the Organic touch as well.  Alongwith going Organic, we are moving in the Retail arena more than ever. We continue to offer products that are low sodium, gluten free, vegan, low fat, and cholesterol free, while carefully avoiding GMO’s. Gourmet Cuisine prides itself in consistently producing and improving it's products with wholesome foods, creative co-packing services, healthy-nutritional offerings and the striving to meet the ultimate goal, just plain superior taste!

As mentioned above, we are working on creating new and exciting Retail products, sold in a variety of containers. We have purchased new equipment that allows us to pack a wide variety of acidified foods for longer ambient shelf life. Whether the goal is to hot fill or cold fill we can accommodate even the most unique co-packing requests. We are proud to be able to launch our new Premium Retail label, under the GCI Brand and continue to work on launching new value targeted products under another of our own labels. We will keep you all informed about these exciting new products and where they can be purchased.  Goods things happen to good people, who work with good Companies. With that being said, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of our many Customers, Suppliers, Brokers, Supporters, Followers and Friends that have stuck by us and helped us become the Company we are today. Also, each and everyone person who works for GCI, our Sister Companies and our Corporate Headquarters have played a key roll in the growth and success of Gourmet Cuisine. We salute you and appreciate your many contributions.

Another ongoing project taking place at Gourmet Cuisine is updating our Customers labels. In May of 2017 the FDA announced new label laws that will be taking effect in 2018-2019. This law will require many changes to food labels such as changing the serving size, adding potassium and vitamin D amounts, and stating the amount of added sugar. The serving size will now reflect the amount of the product that a person would typically consume in one sitting, rather than how much they should consume. For example, soda bottles often state that there are at least two servings in one bottle, when in reality one full bottle is how much a person would normally drink at a time. Once the serving size changes all the nutrition facts will be changed to reflect that, so instead of thinking that you’re consuming 20g of sugar per bottle the label will tell you that it’s really 40g. In addition, the labels are now required to show how much of the total sugar in a product is added versus what is occurring naturally. This label change is good news for consumers as this will make it easier for them to be better informed about what they are actually consuming. To be in compliance with these upcoming laws, GCI has been working with label experts to ensure that our labels are all updated as soon as possible.  We embrace these new changes and hope that more transparency in labeling translates to better understanding, more honesty, and ultimately healthier products for all.

Michael Mudrone

Director/Corporate Chef of Research and Development